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Cozen Insight: 2019 AG Election Landscape

In comparison to 2018 in which there were 31 State Attorney General (AG) elections, 2019 is much quieter, with only three—Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  Despite the small number of AG elections, each is noteworthy and the outcomes have the potential to change the AG political landscape, currently comprised of 27 Democrats and 24 Republicans.

Apr 09, 2019


The Cozen State AG Tracker website is an information service provided by Cozen O’Connor’s State Attorneys General (AG) practice. It was developed to help clients track and assess on a real-time basis the changing political landscape in the AG world and the implications for their business.

State AGs are elected in 43 states and the District of Columbia and have evolved to become among the most powerful and influential governmental actors affecting businesses today. The Cozen State AG Tracker is the only online resource providing daily coverage of all state attorney general primary and general elections. In addition to tracking state AG activity and spotlighting AG elections, the Cozen O’Connor State AG practice publishes an award-winning weekly news blog, the State AG Report, which highlights and examines the role of State AGs as both law enforcers and policymakers.


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